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Evening Star

BR Standard Class 9F 92220 Evening Star

Wylam Station Now

Wylam Station looking east with preserved signal box

2-8-2 WG Class

Indian Railways WG Class possibly made by the North British Locomotive Company in Glasgow but more likely subcontracted to the Vulcan Foundary near Warrington, Lancs. Download PDF using this link.


Rayong Jungle. Site for AAAEIC


First Steps in forming AAAEIC

30th October 2018 Rayong, Thailand. This page will report the initial steps taken to bring the AAAEIC Foundation into reality . To learn the origins of the Foundation and the thinking behind it click here.. To get an overview click here.

First Steps

Once we had decided to set up "an institution" as a business vehicle. We had to find legal advice. The team used the well established Bangkok law firm, KSS, to advise. Essentially, in Thailand, the only such mechanism is known as a "Foundation". In western terms it is a charitable trust. The rules are that it must not make a profit, must be beneficial to the community and is accountable to the Ministry of Interior (as opposed to Commerce). It needs a minimum of three Directors, an initial minimum asset base, and clear objectives. It takes between 3 and 6 months to obtain a license after which it can start operations. KSS agreed to register AAAEICF for a fixed fee.

With that process underway, we turned our attention to other initial steps:

  • Order our first locomotive - the 5 inch gauge "Evening Star".
  • Register a domain name and secure an Internet web server.
  • Secure commitments for use of land which turned out to be in two locations, the Pattaya and Rayong campuses.
  • Design a logo or emblem so that promotion could start.
  • Write a web site, leaflet and other promotional material.
  • Order stocks of rail and components for the track to be laid.
  • Acquire equipment needed to prepare the land - trailer and mini-digger.
  • Design the layout of each campus to plan for trees and buildings.

Planned Layout

The next page will show you are longer term plans for developing the AAAEIC Foundation. Click here to continue.